School Visits

I love talking with students!

I am passionate about helping students recognize their own potential to generate ideas, research, revise, and create stories they love. My presentations draw on my background as an author and the stories behind my stories, showing students how they can bring the same process to their own ideas.

I am booking school visits for grades K-6 for the 2021-2022 school year. I am available for virtual visits anywhere and in-person visits in Southern California (San Diego, Riverside, and Orange counties).

I am available for one-hour or full-day presentations on “Writing What You Know–And What You Don’t .” Presentations focus on: idea generation, observation, research, and the writing/revision process, especially related to STEM writing.

You can download my free educator’s guide for Pando: A Living Wonder of Trees here.

To inquire about school visit availability and rates, please contact me through my contact form or email me at

A Typical Visit
  • All presentations are interactive and tailored to the school’s and students’ needs. A typical full-day might include:
  • Individual one-hour visits for each grade level from 1st to 6th
  • 2-3 class readings for K (20-30 minutes each)
  • Lunch with the author

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