7 Essential Resources for New KidLit Writers

When I wanted to start writing children’s books, I didn’t know much about it except that I loved the books I read to my son. When I decided to take the leap to actually start writing books, I found some amazing resources to help guide my path. If you’re brand-new to kidlit (or thinking aboutContinue reading “7 Essential Resources for New KidLit Writers”

Writing with Kids: Meeting Your Goals Without Losing Your Mind

If you have little kids, time might be one of the top three things on your Christmas list (along with sleep and more caffeine). And, if you’re a writer, finding time to pour into your own projects might feel elusive even on the best of days. Three principles of finding time As a mom ofContinue reading “Writing with Kids: Meeting Your Goals Without Losing Your Mind”

Recommended for Writers: “Finish” by Jon Acuff

We’ve all been there. Maybe you started #NaNoWriMo in a sprint. Maybe you awoke one morning full of inspiration for a new novel. Maybe you’re 25,000 words in, and the plot just isn’t working. No matter the start of a novel, we’ve all been ready to bury it before its time. I was facing thisContinue reading “Recommended for Writers: “Finish” by Jon Acuff”

How the Great British Baking Show Made Me a Better Writer

Who doesn’t love reality TV? Add in some tasty-looking bakes, delectable British accents, and splashes of dry humor, and the Great British Baking Show is a nearly irresistible Netflix binge. For the uninitiated, the show (known as the Great British Bake-Off, or GBBO, in the U.K.) features twelve amateur bakers competing against each other inContinue reading “How the Great British Baking Show Made Me a Better Writer”