Nonfiction Picture Book Perfection: WATER IS WATER

This is the third in my series of nonfiction picture book reviews (read the first and second) that explores what makes outstanding nonfiction. Have a nonfiction picture book you love? Let me know in comments! WATER IS WATER (written by Miranda Paul and illustrated by Jason Chin) is a book that I beg my childrenContinue reading “Nonfiction Picture Book Perfection: WATER IS WATER”

Nonfiction Picture Book Perfection: GRAVITY

This is the second in my series of nonfiction picture book reviews (read the first here) that explores what makes outstanding nonfiction. Have a nonfiction picture book you love? Let me know in comments! My four-year-old loves asking questions. Right now, everything is “why?” Or “what does that mean?” He particularly loves asking the definitionsContinue reading “Nonfiction Picture Book Perfection: GRAVITY”

Nonfiction Picture Book Perfection: GIANT SQUID

Opening GIANT SQUID (written by Candace Fleming, illustrated by Eric Rohman) is a revelation. It’s beautiful. It’s strange. It delights in the beautiful strangeness of this world we live on. And one beautifully, strange creature in particular. This creature is, of course, the titular Giant Squid.   GIANT SQUID is lyrical, but it’s lyricism alwaysContinue reading “Nonfiction Picture Book Perfection: GIANT SQUID”

Preschooler-Approved Picture Book: EVERYONE LOVES A PARADE*

New year, new books! (hooray!) If EVERYONE LOVES A PARADE* written by Andrea Denish and illustrated by Guilherme Franco is any indication (debuting April 28th), 2020 will be a fabulous year for picture books. This story’s heart lies in its refrain: everyone loves a parade–or at least almost everyone (if you want to know what the asteriskContinue reading “Preschooler-Approved Picture Book: EVERYONE LOVES A PARADE*”

Last-Minute Holiday Gift: THE PENCIL EATER

Are you staring down December with a few question marks left in your holiday shopping list? THE PENCIL EATER by Stacey Corrigan and Steve Page might be just the ticket for any teachers, homeschoolers, and pencil-losing students in your life! I haven’t had much reading or writing time lately, thanks to moving over a thousandContinue reading “Last-Minute Holiday Gift: THE PENCIL EATER”


When the air turns crisp and leaves begin to fall, it’s time to add some spooky to your (and your kids’) reading diet. Teresa Traver’s charming picture book, SPOOKY AND THE GARGOYLE is just the ticket. It follows the unlikely friendship of a white cat named Spooky and a gargoyle named Eben. Despite her name,Continue reading “Spooktacular Read: SPOOKY AND THE GARGOYLE”

Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy: Harvest Moon

Fall! Pumpkins to carve, cookies to bake, back-to-school germs to endure. I certainly didn’t have time to enter a writing contest this month, until… I saw that Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez at Math is Everywhere was inaugurating the Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy. I took a tiny peek at the prompts, and well, I couldn’t resist. Those who knowContinue reading “Kidlit Fall Writing Frenzy: Harvest Moon”

Back-To-School Read: TWO TOUGH TRUCKS

Think a truck book can’t be filled with musicality, empathy, and friendship? Think again! TWO TOUGH TRUCKS written by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez and illustrated by Hilary Leung (out today from Scholastic) puts a new spin on vehicle books by wrapping up a sweet story in a tough cover. It’s also aContinue reading “Back-To-School Read: TWO TOUGH TRUCKS”

Preschooler-Approved Picture Book: TRUCKER AND TRAIN

There was never any doubt that a a book called TRUCKER AND TRAIN would end up a Preschooler-Approved Picture Book. If there’s one thing my kid loves more than trains, it’s trucks. But, Hannah Stark’s wonderful debut (illustrated by Bob Kolar) goes well beyond its kid-friendly premise to create something magical. TRUCKER AND TRAIN arrivesContinue reading “Preschooler-Approved Picture Book: TRUCKER AND TRAIN”

Kids’ Summer Read: THE BROKEN BEES’ NEST

This week, we’re taking a break from our Preschooler-Approved Picture Book series to bring you a perfect read for school-aged kids (and just in time for summer!): THE BROKEN BEES’ NEST by Lydia Lukidis (illustrated by Andre Ceolin). As always, let’s start with a summary of the story: Arun and Keya find the perfect tree forContinue reading “Kids’ Summer Read: THE BROKEN BEES’ NEST”