Become a “Friend of Pando”

If you read my book, Pando: A Living Wonder of Trees, you may have become fascinated (as I did) with the real Pando.

To review, Pando is, as the Friends of Pando website explains, “a quaking aspen clone comprised of over 40,000 stems. Stems which appear to us as individual trees, but in fact, are one part of a genetically identical tree that spreads out over 106 acres via a massive root system.”

Various Landscapes of the Pando Aspen Clone 2017

Pando may be hundreds or thousands of years old. Now, its survival is threatened, but luckily, dedicated and brilliant people are working to save it.

Friends of Pando is a nonprofit group doing the essential science and education work to save Pando. Their work will not only protect this particular tree, but also inform efforts to save other “mega-fauna” the world over.

Their website includes free resources for adults and kids and the latest information on their scientific work. These resources can be used in the classroom or any other educational setting (hello, fellow homeschoolers!).

Please consider supporting their important work with an end-of-the-year contribution.

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