It’s My Book Birthday!

Today is a day I’ve dreamed about for a long time: the official release date of my very first book! Pando: A Living Wonder of Trees, illustrated by Turine Tran, is out in the world!

This book has been years in the making. I wrote my first draft in early 2019. I signed with an agent in April 2019. The publisher made an offer on the book in October of that year, and I signed the official contract in early 2020. Then came revisions, illustrations, more revisions, more illustrations, printing, marketing.

Getting to a book’s birthday is a long road in the best of circumstances, but I have had so many wonderful co-conspirators in bringing this book into the world.

It’s a book!

So Many Thank Yous

I want to thank Dr. Paul Rogers, who patiently taught me about Pando and believed in this book from the beginning; Mary Cummings, who represented and sold this book; Michelle Bisson and Krissy Mohn, who edited it for Capstone; Turine Tran, the brilliant illustrator who made the book what it is; Jennifer Glidden, my wonderful publicist at Capstone and the rest of the team there who helped get the book into the world.

I also would be remiss not to recognize the many wonderful writers who gave me feedback and crafted this book into what it is, especially Joel Chalmers, who read and improved so many awful drafts. Thank you to many friends and family members who have supported me on my writing journey–reading drafts, preordering, reviewing, and cheering me on. And, I would like to especially thank my mom and dad, who have always believed in me and my writing. Love you.

Order & Register for Launch
If you haven’t already ordered your copy of Pando, order today from Leopard Print Books before our big launch event next Sunday, August 22nd. You can register for the launch here. Pando is also available wherever books are sold, including Amazon, your local bookseller, and Barnes and Noble.


Already have your copy? Please, please, please leave a review (even a short one) on Amazon or Goodreads! Reviews help an author more than anything by getting new readers to discover the book (the more reviews, the more often Amazon will suggest it to shoppers).

Thank you all so much! And happy reading! And stay tuned to this station for more book news!

5 thoughts on “It’s My Book Birthday!

  1. Hi Kate!

    I’m very proud of you, my friend. You are doing great and you inspire me to keep going with my writing! Kudos.



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