One-month-til-release Preorder Giveaway!

Buckle up! It’s debut time! In exactly one month, my debut picture book, Pando: A Living Wonder of Trees (illustrated by Turine Tran), will hit shelves.

Pando: A Living Wonder of Trees is out August 15th from Capstone Editions

If you preorder (or already have), I will send you a signed bookplate for your copy, and you will be entered to win a Grow Your Own Aspen kit! How cool is that?! You will also be entered to win a *second* signed copy of Pando to share with a friend or leave in a Free Little Library.

To enter, simply fill out this form:

Grow your own Aspen!

Preorders help create book buzz, help new bookstores and readers discover the book by increasing its ranking, and help you get your copy ASAP. They can even influence an author’s future book deals by showing how well their books sell (or don’t). In fact, preordering from an independent bookstore is the single most important thing you can do to support an author (especially a debut author like me).

You can grab a copy from:

Leopard Print Books, who will be hosting my virtual launch party on 8/22 (registration details coming soon).

Barnes and Noble (also available as an ebook on NOOK)

Your local independent bookstore




Authors are small businesses, and your support makes all the difference. Thank you!

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