Review: Mootilda’s Bad Mood

I am this cow. She is me. We are one. And we are in a bad moooooooood!

Mootilda’s Bad Mood by Corey Rosen Scwartz and Kristi Call, illustrated by Claudia Ranucci is out September 1st!

Mootilda’s Bad Mood by Corey Rosen Scwartz and Kristi Call and illustrated by Claudia Ranucci comes out September 1st, and I may need all the time between now and then to list all the things I love about it.

The rhyme rolls off the tongue. The puns are hilarious. The story is quick and fun; full of emotion and action.

Despite Mootilda’s titular bad mood, I can’t read a page of this book without smiling. And there’s this:

This is a BIG mood.

This refrain is irresistible. If you can read this without moo-ing, I will award the highest award of the Order of Seriousness because is this seriously silly stuff. My two-year-old mooed with delight. My four-year-old giggled. They both mooed for the next twenty minutes.

Which was great because I could do the dishes in peace. Cheapest babysitting I’ve found in years.

In all seriousness, I love this book (if you can’t tell). It’s 32 pages of perfect rhythm, rhyme, and fun. And let’s not forget the bright and beautiful illustrations! They’re just as packed with fun and emotion as the text.

Underneath it all, there’s a wonderful theme of acknowledging and honoring your emotions. Even if you need to moo to do it! This book is a surefire way to get out of a bad moooooooooood!

Mootilda’s Bad Mood is available for pre-order here! It’s perfect for fans of Click, Clack, Moo, Little Blue Truck, and laughing in general.

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