Review: Two Tough Trucks Get Lost

Need some good news? Two Tough Trucks has a sequel! And, it’s coming out in less than a month. WOO-HOO!

Last year, I wrote about the delightful Two Tough Trucks as a zippy and fun addition to the back-to-school genre. That its sequel, Two Tough Trucks Get Lost(written by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez, illustrated by Hilary Leung), would come out during this strange back-to-school season seems like fate.

Two Tough Trucks Get Lost echoes the zooming language and playful illustrations of its predecessor, while showing Rig and Mac dealing with fear and complex emotions as they get lost in the desert.

The “Vroom! Zoom!” refrain is a hit in this household.

The book is just as fun for preschoolers as the first with great language, intrigue, and the beautiful backdrop of the American Southwest. But the book also has unexpected depth.

It opened a conversation with my preschooler about his fears (and who doesn’t have some of those right now?). I loved that both Mac and Rig, who are coded as male, are unabashedly afraid and concerned for each other while still being “tough.” Male characters, especially vehicles, still rarely cry in children’s books. I appreciated how Mac and Rig modeled expressing emotions in healthy ways.

We’re all feeling a little lost these days, aren’t we?

In this back-to-school season when there isn’t much to go back to, we’re all feeling a little lost. Seeing two tough trucks find their way home was a comfort and a joy to my truck-loving boys.

Two Tough Trucks Get Lost is out September 1st from Orchard Books/Scholastic. Find your copy here!

And keep your eyes on this space! Next week, we’ll be featuring another fun and fabulous read from Corey Rosen Schwartz that will have you mooing in delight!

Don’t miss this one!

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