Preschooler-Approved Picture Book: EVERYONE LOVES A PARADE*

New year, new books! (hooray!)

If EVERYONE LOVES A PARADE* written by Andrea Denish and illustrated by Guilherme Franco is any indication (debuting April 28th), 2020 will be a fabulous year for picture books.


This story’s heart lies in its refrain: everyone loves a parade–or at least almost everyone (if you want to know what the asterisk is for, you’ll have to read it yourself.)

The word everyone is at the heart of this inclusive story. Propelled forward by strong, visual language, EVERYONE LOVES A PARADE* marches through nine kinds of parades–from military homecoming to Chinese New Year to LGBTQ+ pride. 


That the last parade is Fourth of July seems fitting because this book–like America at its best–is proudly pluralistic. Not a melting pot, but a place where each individual can be celebrated for who they are.

Older kids and educators will enjoy the book’s backmatter, which details each celebration. Younger kids (like mine) will enjoy the joyful art, zippy verse, and, well, the parades.


Like a parade itself, this book leans into a musical cadence and is energetic from start to finish. Unlike a parade, its’s over too soon and leaves you wanting more.

Check out the book trailer on YouTube, and pre-order EVERYONE LOVES A PARADE* (out April 28th from Boyd Mills Press) at Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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