When the air turns crisp and leaves begin to fall, it’s time to add some spooky to your (and your kids’) reading diet. Teresa Traver’s charming picture book, SPOOKY AND THE GARGOYLE is just the ticket.


It follows the unlikely friendship of a white cat named Spooky and a gargoyle named Eben. Despite her name, Spooky isn’t fearsome. In fact, she’s often fearful. But with some help from Eben, she finds her inner spookiness and helps a friend along the way.

I love how this book approaches issues surrounding fear, which are front of mind for many kids this time of year. Spooky and Eben’s friendship is a gentle one. Spooky is not ridiculed for being a scaredy cat; she’s encouraged. She’s aware of her smallness, but Eben never underestimates her. The book models how kids can support one another in the context of a fun and engaging story.

SPOOKY AND THE GARGOYLE makes a great read for classroom, homeschoolers, or even preschool-aged kids. The lovely quality of the writing and fun illustrations keep the younger set engaged.

Discussion questions and activities are available here.


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