Back-To-School Read: TWO TOUGH TRUCKS

Think a truck book can’t be filled with musicality, empathy, and friendship? Think again! TWO TOUGH TRUCKS written by Corey Rosen Schwartz and Rebecca J. Gomez and illustrated by Hilary Leung (out today from Scholastic) puts a new spin on vehicle books by wrapping up a sweet story in a tough cover. It’s also a perfect back-to-school read, especially for kids having a bumpy start to the school year.


From the title alone I knew TWO TOUGH TRUCKS would be a hit in my house. I have two small truck lovers–not unlike the titular trucks, Mack and Rig. What I didn’t expect was how the text would hum and zip through a multi-layered story that touches on empathy, growth, and friendship before crossing the finish line.

Without further ado, let’s get to the story. First, a synopsis:

Two trucks off to school for their first day of class. One riding the brakes. One hitting the gas.

Mack and Rig couldn’t be more different. One loves the fast lane. The other, the off-ramp.

But when they’re forced to pair up on their first day of school, can Mack and Rig figure out a way to get along and learn what it really means to be a tough truck? Get ready to vroom and zoom your way to fun and friendship with these two lovable and tough trucks!

What my preschooler loves about this book

As expected, this book is incredibly kid-friendly.

Vehicle sounds are always a hit, but TWO TOUGH TRUCKS elevates the form to pure poetry. The rhythm and rhyme are sure to appeal to even the most reticent reader, and Leung’s eye-catching illustrations complement the text’s energy.

The story follows literal twists and turns–moving quickly across landscapes. Clever page turns build suspense and keep kids fully engaged in the story.

What I love about this book

Under the story’s energetic packaging are surprisingly gentle themes, including one of my favorites–the growth mindset.

Mack and Rig have different problems, both familiar to most parents and teachers. One struggles with a new assignment. The other breezes at first, but wants to quit when things get hard. In the end, they help each other through obstacles and become friends along the way.

Set on the first day of school, TWO TOUGH TRUCKS is hopeful read for kids who will be encountering new challenges and personalities in their classrooms.

And one that will keep them smiling from beginning to end. Order it here (or get it at your favorite bookstore!)


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