Kids’ Summer Read: THE BROKEN BEES’ NEST

This week, we’re taking a break from our Preschooler-Approved Picture Book series to bring you a perfect read for school-aged kids (and just in time for summer!): THE BROKEN BEES’ NEST by Lydia Lukidis (illustrated by Andre Ceolin).

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As always, let’s start with a summary of the story:

Arun and Keya find the perfect tree for a tree house. Too bad it comes with a battered bees’ nest! These bees need a new home―right away! Tying into the popular Makers Movement, Makers Make It Work is a series of fun easy-to-read stories that focus on problem-solving and hands-on action. This charming story explores the Makers theme of Beekeeping and includes explanatory sidebars and an insect-related activity for young makers to try themselves!

This book is chock full of fun information about bees and beekeeping that will delight the elementary school crowd, but never loses sight of the story. And, the story is a wonderful mix of overcoming fears, celebrating the environment, and modeling sibling cooperation.

In the beginning of the story, Arun and Keya overcome their (understandable) misgivings about dealing with bees with the help of a patient mentor, Dr. Chen. The book shows how something scary can become something manageable (and even fun) with a little help, know-how, and beekeeping gear.

Once Arun and Keya learn more about bees, they begin to care for the bees and wonder about their well-being. This twist shows how a little knowledge and lead to a greater investment and love for the environment.

Finally, the book shows a wonderful (if somewhat rare) occurrence: two siblings working together and, at the end, truly celebrating one another. Another wonderful aspect of this book is that all the characters are people of color.

This book is a great way to keep kids learning over the summer in a way they’ll actually enjoy. Warning: after reading, your kids may want a beehive for their own backyard.

If you want to take that risk (and I recommend you do), pick up a copy here.


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